About Us

As Yasu Sailing, we, as a small company consisting of young and experienced team, set out to provide our guests with a perfect holiday in their dreams. We offer you a unique experience that you can explore while relaxing in the Mediterranean and Aegean untouched bays with our well-equipped sailing boat fleet, which you can rent with or without a captain.

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If you are dreaming of a holiday that will stop time by exploring the uniquely beautiful bays instead of crowded streets and noisy beaches, a blue cruise on a sailing boat is for you.


We offer you the opportunity to rent the most suitable boat for your lovers, your tastes and desires. We also provide all kinds of technical and logistic support before or during the tour to ensure a safe and peaceful blue cruise.


With captain or captainless rental options; our most suitable sailing boats in terms of location, time and price; We bring the opportunity to rent easily and reliably at your fingertips.

Why Rent a Sailboat?

  • Renting a sailboat for a spectacular sea holiday is a great option for families, groups and couples.
  • You can set the boundaries of your world with holidays made by sailing boat.
  • You can hire a yacht captain and crew to be yours. You get the yacht ready for use and deliver it at the end of the trip.
  • You can set your own itinerary and route freely. Of course we will give you the necessary information before your course, we will make suggestions about the places to see.
  • If you don’t have enough shipping experience, you can rent a sailboat with a captain. You can spend a pleasant blue tour with your captain’s knowledge of the route and maritime experience.

Rental Services

  • Easy and reliable boat rental
  • Secure online payment and installment options
  • Time and price for you optimal options
  • Sailboat alternatives by number of needs, tastes and people
  • Capable or captainless rental options
  • Technical and logistical support during your tour
  • Blue tour route information
  • Detailed notification of weather and sea conditions according to established route